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she beckons me

shall i give in

*a*m*y* <3 .l.e.e.
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Welcome to my Amy Lee Community. I hope you enjoy it! Feel free to join it is not moderated so anyone can join, but please go over the rules. If the rules and regulations are not met, then you are kicked out. :)!
a)you must be at least thirteen years old.
b)please be kind and curtious to others.
c)respect everyone's opinion. If someone doesn't like Amy's fairy outfit and decides to tell everyone, just let it go! I can not stress that enough!
d)if someone is breaking the rules then please, tell me and let me deal with it. I can do a lot more than you can to them.

those are the rules! Short, sweet, and to the point. Follow these and you won't have any problems!

**if you have any question feel free to IM me on Yahoo! or AIM or send me an email.**